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Want a big slice of a trillion-dollar pie?

Want a big slice of a trillion-dollar pie?

I was hoping that number would catch your eye. America is in a health crisis. Everybody and their grandmother is looking for a health and wellness solution. You have the opportunity to be the solution and clean up on sales.

Experts are projecting that health and wellness will be a trillion-dollar industry in 2017. Are you ALL IN to getting a nice big slice of that pie? Health and wellness is so much more than a discussion of shelf space and ad placement — it's a lifestyle. People need to be inspired by and trust the people who are selling it, whether that is internally to your team or directly to your customers.

Saying you are IN is one thing; being All IN means that you have skin in the game and you are committing to lead by example. Set yourself up for success in 2017. The clock it ticking, start today.

Start here

Start with the person in the mirror, and own your health, whether you are the CEO or a store associate. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN because not only will you live longer and have a better quality of life, you will inspire your team and your customers to do the same. Health is viral like that. It’s a “if you can do it, I can too” kind of thing. Look at what happened when Roger Bannister broke the four-minute mile: Others, actually many others, were quick to follow.

Great leaders lead by example. I was very impressed when I met Jim Nielsen, COO of Sprouts Farmers Market. It’s obvious fitness is a way of life for him and I can’t imagine that anything less than pure passion for health and wellness is tolerated in his organization. Owning your health is a great start to cleaning up on your fair share of that trillion-dollar pie.

What big or baby steps have you taken to lead a healthier life in this busy world? They all add up! How are you inspiring your team to create a culture of health and wellness at work? What major changes are you willing to make to ensure you get your share of that market, even though they might hurt? The latter will dictate the next question: How bad do you want it?

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