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Wegmans cuts back on added sugars

To help customers eat healthier, Wegmans Food Markets has been reducing the amount of added sugar in many of its private label products, the retailer said in a press release.

“Our Wegmans Greek yogurt already had less sugar than regular flavored yogurts but we are now adding less sugar than before in the organic varieties and they still taste great,” Wegmans nutrition and product labeling manager Jane Andrews said in a statement. “We’re also reformulating some bottled sauces to have less added sugar. We’re updating Wegmans products across the store to cut added sugar where we can, while preserving the taste appeal customers expect.”

In the bakery, the Rochester, N.Y., chain offers smaller portion sizes, such as mini croissants, mini sweet rolls and mini cheesecakes, rather than decreasing the amount of sugar in recipes.


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“Changing a recipe for baked goods can be tricky. There’s a limit to how much you can cut down sugar without noticeably affecting taste and texture,” said Andrews. “So another route is to make serving sizes smaller.”

The retailer also promotes its private label flavored waters and unsweetened bottled teas as healthy beverage options.

Wegmans said it is working to educate customers about added sugars, including through its seasonal Wegmans Menu Magazine.

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