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H-E-B plans to remove pandemic-related plexiglass from stores

The plexiglass is coming down soon

Like so many grocery chains during the height of the pandemic, San Antonio-based H-E-B had installed plexiglass as an emergency response inside its grocery stores. Protective partitions were installed in its stores to ensure social distancing and the company made sure to enforce limits on certain products to ensure the supply chain remained strong. 

H-E-B also put social distancing signs and stickers within stores to remind others to stay six feet apart. Now, it is planning to remove the plexiglass from its locations soon. 

The company told news outlet MySA that the “temporary plexiglass was never intended to be a permanent fixture.”

“After receiving input from our store partners (employees), the decision was made to remove the temporary plexiglass,” H-E-B said.

H-E-B said its decision aligns with the federal government ending the COVID-19 emergency declaration and guidance (as of May 11) according to reporting from MySa. The World Health Organization and the federal government both announced that COVID-19, or at least the worst part of it, “was in the rearview mirror.”

H-E-B notes that while the plexiglass is coming down, the company said it remains committed to keeping the stores clean with strict personal hygiene and sanitization protocols in place at all its stores.

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