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Podcast: Why marketing may be your friend when fighting the effects of inflation

A majority of U.S. consumers are changing how they buy food with prices on the rise. Advertising technology company NCSolutions CEO Alan Miles talks about what grocery stores can be doing to get ahead of the game.


Inflation is a major concern for Americans, according to recent survey data, and it’s starting to affect their grocery shopping habits.  

Some 76% of U.S. consumers say their food buying habits have shifted, and nearly half (45%) feel like they can’t afford their previous lifestyle, according to data from advertising technology company NCSolutions.

Alan_Miles_High_Res.jpegWe sat down with the CEO of NCSolutions, Alan Miles, to drill down into just how deeply inflation is affecting consumer habits, and additionally: what the grocery industry can be doing about it. 

In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • The risks (and opportunities) that come with shifting consumer purchasing habits due to inflation
  • Which products have seen the highest percentage increases
  • Why marketing can be your friend when it comes to communicating brand value

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