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Kroger_Harvest_Apple.jpeg Kroger
Boasting 14 unique items packed with fall flavors, Private Selection's® limited edition Harvest Apple products are the perfect way to ring in sweater-weather.

Kroger launches limited edition Private Selection Harvest Apple products

The products can be shopped exclusively in-store only

The Kroger Co. today announced the launch of Harvest Apple, a new Private Selection line of products which are available now for a limited time.

Boasting 14 items packed with fall flavors, Private Selection's limited edition Harvest Apple products include:

  • Spiced Apple Snack Mix: Cinnamon pecans, candied apple flavored almonds, marcona almonds, dried cherries and apples
  • Spiced Apple Pie Seasoned Pretzels: Cinnamon sugar notes with a hint of apple and a pinch of salt
  • Caramel Apple Cheesecake Sandwich Cookies: Apple-flavored cookie with cheesecake-flavored filling and a caramel center
  • Spiced Apple Pie Ice Cream: Cinnamon and nutmeg-spiced cream with an apple pie filling swirl and crunchy oat streusel
  • Spiced Apple Crisp Granola Clusters: Sweet with hints of apple and vanilla
  • Spiced Apple Cocktail Mixer: Spiced apple with cinnamon
  • Spiced Ginger Apple Seltzer: Ginger with fuji apple flavor
  • Caramel Apple Macchiato Coffee Pods: Caramel and apple flavor
  • Spiced Apple Pancake Mix: Apple flavor and cinnamon spice
  • Spiced Apple Pie Cookies: Baked in-store cookies
  • Bloom Haus Bouquets in four varieties: Fall Sunrise, Orchard Harvest, Golden Ray, and Autumn Moon. 

The Private Selection Harvest Apple line can be shopped while products last at Kroger Family of Stores.

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