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Illinois Retailer Installs Glass Case Doors

LENA, Ill. - Sullivan’s Foods, an Illinois retailer with 14 locations, has installed glass doors to previously open refrigerated cases at a store here and at one in Stockton, Ill.

The doors, from Remis America, Elkhart, Ind., are used to cover the medium-temperature beer, dairy, deli, juice and packaged produce cases, including 96 feet at the Lena store and 116 feet at the Stockton store.

Scott Sullivan, president of Sullivan’s Foods, decided to install the doors after seeing them at another supermarket. Since installing them, “customers have all been commenting on how much warmer the aisles are,” he said.

According to Remis, the doors cut energy costs up to 80%. Sullivan’s has also pursued other energy-saving measures, including swapping out fluorescent lighting in freezer cases for LED lamps. After the Sullivan store flooded in July 2010, Sullivan’s chose to remove the floor tiles and apply an eco-friendly stain on the concrete, eliminating the chemicals used to maintain, strip and wax the tiles.