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NRA: Labeling Law Should Also Apply to Supermarkets

WASHINGTON — After a bill was reintroduced last week that would exempt grocery stores and convenience stores from labeling prepared foods with nutrition information, the National Restaurant Association announced the group opposes the new legislation.

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, chain restaurants with more than 20 locations are required to share nutrition information on menu boards.

The NRA argues that because supermarkets sell restaurant-type food, they should be required to also follow the same requirements.

“This legislation would broadly exempt chain grocery, convenience stores and other entities that sell restaurant food from providing uniform nutrition information to customers despite that fact that each day thousands of customers purchase meals at these establishments,” said Scott DeFife, the NRA’s executive vice president of policy and government affairs, in a statement. “These companies each made strategic decisions to compete directly with their local restaurant community, in this regard, and need to play by the same rules as those with whom they choose to compete.”

The bill exempting grocery stores and convenience stores is supported by the Food Marketing Institute, which has said that the original labeling requirements weren’t designed with grocery stores in mind.  

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