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Podcast: Why AI-personalization matters, according to Hungryroot

The personalized online grocery service has seen great success with its AI-powered personalization. In this episode, Hungryroot Chief Digital Officer Alex Weinstein talks about why


Online grocery expanded at a 4% rate in Q3, and grocery / meal kit delivery service Hungryroot saw growth almost 12 times as fast, with 45% year-over-year growth for its most recent quarter. Since launching in 2015, the personalized online grocery service has since seen great success via leaning into AI-powered personalization. SN sat down with Hungryroot Chief Digital Officer Alex Weinstein to talk about the company's strategy. Take a listen. 

In this episode, you’ll find out:

  • What AI-powered personalization looks like, and why “feedback-focused” approaches to personalization that can create a profoundly better consumer experience
  • How Hungryroot sees itself in synergy with traditional grocery
  • What learns grocery can be taking away from Hungryroot’s model

Have a pitch for the podcast? Contact SN Executive Editor Chloe Riley at [email protected], or reach out and say hi on LinkedIn. Thanks so much for listening.

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