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Gallery: Foodservice at Price Chopper's Market Bistro (part 1)

Price Chopper is testing the boundaries of supermarket and restaurant in its new Market Bistro banner in Latham, N.Y., that is filled with foodservice stations. If you ask Neil Golub, executive chairman of the Price Chopper board, to describe what exactly his new concept store is, he doesn't hesitate —  "a theme park of food."  He also said the banner is an accumulation of his experiences in the food industry.  

The foodservice focused store's emphasis on service can be seen in the people on the ground. The new store employs 600 workers, while most Price Chopper locations employ 250 to 300. 

"This store is a message to our competition. It's a big message," said Golub.

The accompanying photos show the foodservice portion of the store. For more photos, see the related galleries below.

Part 2 of gallery series:  A look at Price Chopper's Market Bistro menu

Part 3 of gallery series: Price Chopper Market Bistro store tour

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Photos and captions by Jenna Telesca

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