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Cargill Ground Beef Sickens 33

WYALUSING, Pa. — Cargill Beef has voluntarily recalled 29,339 pounds of ground beef found to contain a strain of salmonella bacteria, and retailers who had purchased the beef quickly alerted their customers of the health hazard the beef presented.

As of Tuesday afternoon, 33 people were reported to have been sickened by eating the beef. The products were shipped to Maine and New York distribution centers.

Hannaford Supermarkets, a Delhaize company based in Scarborough Maine, which had purchased much of the ground beef, advised its customers to check sell dates on ground beef they may have in their freezers. None of the meat is still on the market because it would have passed its sell date, but retailers feared their customers may have it in their freezers at home.

“As a result of Cargill’s recall, Hannaford is alerting consumers in all markets to check their freezers for ground beef with ‘use or sell by’ dates between May 29 and June 16, 2012. These products are in scope of the Cargill recall,” Hannaford said in a media advisory.

“We're confident that we were very helpful in the effort to support food safety and that always has been, and always will be, our stance and approach. In terms of what aspects of our assistance were most helpful, we would have to defer to USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service on that,” Michael Norton, Hannaford spokesman, told SN.

FSIS and Cargill also alerted consumers.

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