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Podcast: How inflation is affecting pricing strategy

Inflation continues to be crazy. So what’s the plan?


We’re talking inflation. Consumer Price Index data was just released for November, and we’re seeing food-at-home price increases really, largely driven by increases in four of the six major grocery store food group indexes: fruits and vegetables (up 1.4%); cereals and bakery products (up 1.1%); dairy and related products (up 1%), and nonalcoholic beverages (up 0.7%)

Even though the index for meats, poultry, fish, and eggs fell slightly (0.2%) in November, our own recent poll around inflation category pain found overwhelmingly that it's higher ticket meats that are still hurting retailers. A dairy clerk from Hy-Vee also commented saying that egg prices have been “ridiculous.”

So how have retailers been responding to inflation and inventory mismatch from a pricing perspective?

Supermarket News tuned in with Matt Pavich, senior director of retail innovation at Revionics, an AI-driven price optimization solutions company, to talk pricing strategy, price perception, and how retailers can be optimizing their efforts. Pavich is also a former merch buyer for Target.

Take a listen. 

Have a pitch for the podcast? Contact SN Executive Editor Chloe Riley at [email protected], or reach out and say hi on LinkedIn. Thanks for listening.


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