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The SN News Quiz!
High prices hurt meat .png

The SN News Quiz: High prices hurt meat

Here are the results of last week’s three-question quiz

Here are the results of last week’s SN News Quiz!

1. Amazon just announced that it plans to discontinue its pursuit of this autonomous tech…

  • Palm payment 
  • Just Walk Out (you got it!)
  • Smart carts

2. Aldi may very well surpass Kroger in terms of store count, especially with its acquisition of Southeastern Grocers. How many U.S. stores does Aldi plan to have by 2028?

  • 1,500, plus
  • 2,000, plus
  • 3,000, plus (woohoo)

3. Visa and Mastercard just agreed to a settlement over credit and debit card swipe fees. How much is the settlement?

  • $30 billion (yes!)
  • $40 billion
  • $50 billion

Bonus question: The meat sector still is being impacted by the sky-high price increases of the last several years. The high prices translate to shoppers eschewing higher-priced proteins and cuts while continuing to embrace traditionally lower-cost selections.

Are you seeing shoppers trade down in meat due to price?

  1. Yes I am seeing shoppers trade down in meat due to price (73.3%)
  2. No I am not seeing shoppers trade down in meat due to price (24.4%)
  3. Other (2.2%

Looks like most of you are seeing shoppers trade down in meat due to price.


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