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Stop & Shop said that Taste of Inspirations 1855 brand Black Angus beef offers customers the same USDA-choice Angus beef served at “white tablecloth” restaurants.

Stop & Shop adds Black Angus beef to Taste of Inspirations line

New private-label meat collection sources from JBS’ 1885 brand

Stop & Shop on Friday rolled out Taste of Inspirations Black Angus beef in an exclusive co-branding partnership with the 1855 Black Angus beef brand.

Quincy, Mass.-based Stop & Shop said that the new Taste of Inspirations beef products are now available in the meat department at all of its 400-plus stores in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York and New Jersey, as well as for pickup or delivery via

The line, which carries the retailer’s Taste of Inspirations private label and the 1855 branding, includes an array of steaks and roasts plus a selection of ground beef and patties.

A brand of meat processing giant JBS, 1855 requires its Black Angus cattle family ranchers to meet 10 program criteria to become USDA-Certified. Only one in eight cattle qualifies and becomes USDA-Certified as the 1855 brand.

Taste of Inspirations 1855 Black Angus ground beef-Stop & Shop.png

Taste of Inspirations 1855 brand cuts include ribeye, strip, tenderloins and top sirloin, as well as roasts and ground beef and patties. (Images courtesy of Stop & Shop)


Taste of Inspirations Black Angus beef is sourced from the grain-rich areas of the northern plains region, and all cuts of are “abundantly” marbled for a rich, juicy flavor and tenderness, according to Stop & Shop. The company said the beef is processed in only two U.S. facilities, based on uniform standards and procedures.

With the new beef line, customers now can take home the same USDA-choice Angus beef served at “white tablecloth” restaurants across New England, including cuts like ribeye, strip, tenderloins and top sirloin. Shoppers also can access recipes such as grilled ribeye with chimichurri sauce and grilled steak with corn salsa at the Stop & Shop website.

“We are excited to offer a superior line of Black Angus beef that represents top quality at a great value for our customers,” Stop & Shop President Gordon Reid said in a statement. “With more than a dozen options in-store, this new offering will add a fine-tasting choice to small gatherings for the Labor Day holiday or any meals at home.”

Focusing on flavorful options and high-quality ingredients, the Taste of Inspirations brand — also offered at other Ahold Delhaize USA supermarkets — includes deli meats, sauces, marinades, appetizers and frozen treats, among other items.

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