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5 customer trends, according to Kroger

Pre-cut veggies and smart shopping carts are high on the list, says grocer’s data arm 84.51°

Customer preferences are constantly changing, and Kroger’s research arm 84.51° has identified five new trends that show growing expectations from shoppers. 

Holistic health is among the top trends, according to an infographic, released on Monday by the data firm.

Pre-cut and pre-washed vegetable sales by dollar amount are up 569% year over year, and pre-cut and pre-washed fruit sales are up 133%. 

That trend is expected to continue “as customers strive for well-being across physical, emotional, and financial aspects of their lives,” according to the report. 

“Brands can help consumers achieve their holistic health goals by focusing on personalization and convenience,” the report added. 

Shoppers also want an engaging experience at the store. Thirty-eight percent of survey respondents said they would be interested in smart shopping carts that tally their total as they make their way through the store and enable shoppers to bypass the checkout lane. 

“And 33% are interested in more taste-testing stations and product demonstrations. Brands can create immersive experiences that provide customized recommendations and real-time saving opportunities,” the report said. 

84.51° added that shoppers want grocers to increase the flexibility and speed in accommodating different modes of shopping, such as online orders. Forty-three percent of shoppers want to choose their own substitutions when ordering online, and 79% expect the prices to be the same whether they do their shopping in-person or online. 

Survey respondents told 84.51° that they want personalized experiences. That means more personalized suggestions, as well as wowing customers with an AI-powered culinary advisor “that understands dietary requirements and preferences and a shopping guide provided by brands,” the report said. 

Respondents also said they want their experience to be simple and efficient and performed with speed, accuracy and privacy. 

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