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Data security breach may have exposed Albertsons employee info

Some 33,000 workers at the company may have had their personal information compromised

Thousands of Albertsons employees may have had their personal information exposed in a data breach, according to regulatory notices filed by the company in multiple states. 

In a statement filed with the Maine Attorney General’s office, the breach was described as “an external system breach (hacking),” with the compromised information including names, driver’s license numbers, and ID card numbers. 

According to the regulatory notice, the breach occurred in December and close to 33,000 workers at the Boise, Idaho-based company may have had their personal information compromised. 

A letter from Albertsons to employees dated April 21 states: 

“Albertsons learned that an unauthorized third party gained access to its systems, infecting its systems with malware. Upon discovery, Albertsons immediately launched a forensic investigation, took steps to prevent any further unauthorized access, and engaged a leading global forensics firm.

The letter also offers employees credit monitoring services for a select period of time. 

According to a statement from Albertsons:

“Albertsons Companies recently notified affected individuals about a data security incident. The incident has been contained and we are providing affected individuals with access to identity protection services paid for by the company.”

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