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Easter candy shoppers hopping to traditional grocery stores

More consumers plan to spend their Easter dollars with grocers over big-box and online stores

Easter is less than two weeks away, and more than two-thirds of consumers plan to celebrate the holiday this year, according to a report from data analytics firm Numerator.

Grocery stores are likely to be the biggest winners this year, according to the survey of more than 5,000 shoppers. Fifty-seven percent of survey respondents said they plan to do their Easter shopping at traditional grocery stores, while 53% plan to go to big-box stores, and 21% plan to shop with online retailers. 

The survey shows that 69% plan to celebrate the second most popular holiday for candy sales (after Halloween). Just over half (53%) said they plan to purchase candy this year, and 69% plan to purchase food. 

Gen Z survey respondents were the most likely to order food for delivery or takeout at 17%. That’s compared to about 6% of the overall population. 

Forty percent of all respondents said they plan to cook or bake this year (up from 34% in 2023), and 21% plan to decorate their home for the holiday (up from 19%). 

Gen Z was also the most likely to purchase alcoholic beverages during the holiday. Twenty-eight percent of Gen Z respondents plan to buy alcohol compared to 14% of all consumers, the report said. 

Beer was the most popular alcoholic drink for Gen Z buyers at 75%. Wine, hard seltzers, and champagne or sparkling wine each received 25%. 

Last year, 86% of U.S. households bought candy in the four-week period prior to Easter. Chocolate was the biggest seller at 43%, while 33% of candy purchases were Easter non-chocolate. 

The biggest Easter candy sellers in 2023 were Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, Kroger, and Dollar General, according to the report.

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