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FMI-store-manager-award-finalists.png FMI—The Food Industry Association
Out of 180 nominees, 12 finalists have been selected as 2024 Store Manager Awards Finalists.

FMI announces Store Manager Award finalists

Out of 180 nominees, 12 finalists have been selected

FMI—The Food Industry Association has announced the finalists for the 2024 Store Manager Awards, spotlighting store managers. The Store Manager Award nominations are submitted by peers and food retail companies to recognize outstanding managers who:

  • Generate sales growth
  • Effectively communicate company and store goals and objectives
  • Demonstrate team leadership in their store/company
  • Provide exceptional customer service through in-store programs and improve community relations

Out of 180 nominees, 12 finalists have been selected as 2024 Store Manager Awards Finalists:

Category A (Small retailers: Companies with 1-25 stores)
Category B (Medium retailers: Companies with 26-199 stores)
Category C (Large retailers: Companies with 200+ stores)
Category D (International retailers: Companies operating outside of the U.S.)

Finalists for the Store Manager Awards qualify to be a part of the People’s Pick Award contest. All finalists will be posted on FMIs website for one week and the nominee with the most votes by the end of the week will win a trophy and $500 to celebrate their store employees. Voting opens April 29th at 8 a.m. eastern standard time. 

FMI will also host an awards ceremony for the winners. Join the live award ceremony celebration on May 9 at 1 p.m. eastern standard time on FMI’s YouTube channel.  

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