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Focused on self-care, general merchandise (GM) and housewares, event attendees, including both GMDC|Retail Tomorrow and IHA members, will have the opportunity to discuss the industry’s most pressing issues.

GMDC|Retail Tomorrow to hold virtual strategic meetings for retailers, wholesalers

Partnering with International Housewares Association, sessions will address opportunities for growth and vision for 2022

Retail industry trade associations Global Market Development Center (GMDC)|Retail Tomorrow and International Housewares Association (IHA) have partnered to facilitate GMDC|Retail Tomorrow’s 2021 Fall Strategic Meetings, a three-week series of virtual events tailored for leading retail and wholesale companies, and their supplier and service companies, to participate in collaborative trading partner sessions.

Following the associations’ joint event in the spring, the fall strategic meetings will take place from Sept. 28 – Oct. 15 to continue promoting connectivity across retail associations, accelerate long-term business growth and identify, prioritize and address new business opportunities in the industry.

Focused on self-care, general merchandise (GM) and housewares, event attendees, including both GMDC|Retail Tomorrow and IHA members, will have the opportunity to collaborate with members from each association and discuss the industry’s most pressing issues within these categories as they relate to merchandising, marketing, e-commerce, consumer and shopper insights, omnichannel agility, sales trends and strategies.

“Through more frequent, category-specific events this year, GMDC|Retail Tomorrow continues to identify opportunities for more meaningful connections among existing industry partners and the discovery of new and unexpected partnerships," said Patrick Spear, president & CEO of GMDC|Retail Tomorrow. “We have seen the self-care, general merchandise and housewares landscape evolve at a rapid pace throughout the past year, and as this trajectory continues, this event series is an opportunity to address these changes and prepare for more as we approach the latter half of 2021.”

The timing of the event series offers retail partners the opportunity to build on their current plans and make thoughtful adjustments for 2022. The goal is to reimagine the way in which retail trade members conduct and grow their businesses beyond the pandemic, and innovate for the future.

In an effort to provide attendees with the most flexible virtual event format, meetings are specifically curated to support both retailer and supplier needs, and the fall meetings will be segmented across self-care, GM and housewares categories throughout the three-week period:

• September 28 – October 1: Session 1 – Self-care Categories

• October 5 – 8: Session 2 – GM Categories

• October 12 – 15: Session 3 – Housewares Categories

Designed much like the successful joint spring event with IHA, the agenda provides attendees the opportunity to schedule strategic meetings of their choice with the opportunity to take part in 45-minute meetings via the GMDC*Connect video conferencing platform (powered by Zoom), scheduled at the top of every hour from 10 a.m.-5:45 p.m. ET. The meetings will be mutually matched, with GMDC|Retail Tomorrow building all meeting schedules to accommodate participants’ schedules and availability.

There is no registration fee for the event. Participating suppliers will be invoiced for each meeting scheduled and accepted during the event, but will also have the opportunity to register for all virtual events and meetings that will take place during the three-week period.

“As doors begin to reopen and our business climate evolves, we wanted to continue to create a seamless and accessible event for all, one that provides convenience and collaboration,” added Spear. “Our spring event with IHA delivered a new kind of product and supplier discovery, and at the fall event, we look forward to ushering our attendees into a new era of retail with fresh perspectives on how to do business.”

The event registration deadline for the self-care and GM categories is August 6, and the deadline for housewares categories is August 20. Visit the website for more information and to register for the GMDC|Retail Tomorrow and IHA’s Fall Strategic Meetings.

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