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Favor-Delivery-company-bilboard-ad.png Favor Delivery
Welcome to Texas, where people love ordering food with Favor (the restaurant delivery app that’s part of H-E-B) and neighbors love to lend a helping hand or two…or three.

H-E-B launches new campaign for Texas-only home delivery

The retailer acquired the Austin-based Favor home delivery service in 2018

Favor Delivery, owned by H-E-B, is launching its largest ad campaign to date, placing its stake in the ground as the indisputably Texas way to have food delivered to your door. The integrated campaign, "How Texas Orders In," features Texas newcomers learning the unique, and at times, funny ways in which things are done in their new home state — food delivery included.

Out-of-home ads echo the local angle with messages like, “Proudly Unavailable in 49 States,” and “Welcome New Texans. No State Income Tax = Extra Guac.”

The new campaign, developed by Austin creative agency Preacher leverages Favor's identity as Texans' go-to food delivery app. This marks Preacher's first work since being named creative agency of record for the brand earlier this year.

The centerpiece of the campaign, which is running exclusively in Texas across all major markets, is three 30-second spots featuring newly arrived Texans sharing what they've learned about their neighbors since moving in. The first, that Texans love ordering food delivery through Favor. The second, always a signature Texan quirk — like that neighbors will want to help with whatever it is you're doing in the yard, or that your neighborhood will likely turn into a ghost town on Saturday during football season. The spots will run across local linear broadcast, connected TV, and digital channels. 

Out-of-home ads echo the local angle with messages like, "Proudly Unavailable in 49 States," and "Welcome New Texans. No State Income Tax = Extra Guac." Social media posts will provide helpful hints for Texas newcomers ("Don't rush out to buy boots. We don't all wear them. But do download Favor. We all use it for delivery.") and playfully reference the four seasons in Texas. ("Winter, Spring, Summer, and Football"). 

As a Texas-born and based brand, Favor's hyper focus on its home state provides an ownable position to help differentiate it from the national behemoth delivery app brands that make up the bulk of its competition.

The strategy — to tell a story of Texas through the lens of new Texans — is rooted in the population growth the state has seen in recent years and the challenges of assimilating to life in a state with such a unique and proud culture. From 2000 to 2022, Texas gained close to 10 million new residents — a 43% increase in population, according to That's more than any other state and almost 3 million more than Florida, the next largest-gaining state. By speaking to a massive cultural moment that all Texans can relate to, Favor uses this campaign to create connection not only around food, but also around the shared experience that is Texas.

"The idea to show people who Favor is by way of newcomers was big. Over the past few years, there's been this constant conversation in Texas about all the people moving to the state. Everyone has an opinion about whether it's a good thing or not, and they're always quick to share it," said Justin Ralph, creative director at Preacher. "Having some fun with that and letting newcomers tell us about what they've learned so far, allowed us to both introduce Favor to a new audience and connect with Texans through these funny truths anyone who's lived here a while can relate to."


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