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Kroger, Dollar Tree, and Amazon most popular private label brands

Two-thirds of 200 largest private label brands tracked by Numerator experienced growth in 2023

Inflation-weary shoppers in search of discounts have flocked to private label brands over the past year and data analytics firm Numerator has been keeping track, naming Kroger’s “Smart Way”, Dollar Tree’s “Sure Fresh”, and Amazon’s “Amazon Basics” as the top three most popular in 2023. 

Numerator’s newest report on brands to watch in 2024 also took a look back to see which brands dominated last year. The report noted that 66% of the 200 largest private label brands experienced growth in 2023, and exactly half increased their household penetration. 

Nearly half (47%) of the private label brands tracked increased their sales volume, and 39% saw all of their metrics increase in 2023, the report shows. Three of the retailers tracked – Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Aldi – made the top 10 list twice with separate private label brands.

The top 10 list includes:

  1. Smart Way (Kroger)
  2. Sure Fresh (Dollar Tree)
  3. Amazon Basics (Amazon)
  4. Sweet Smiles (Dollar General)
  5. Publix Deli (Publix)
  6. Homeline (Dollar Tree)
  7. Favorite Day (Target)
  8. Tuscan Garden (Aldi)
  9. True Living (Dollar General)
  10. Specially Selected (Aldi)
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