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84.51_Omnichannel_Clickstream_Channal_Infographic_2024.jpg 84.51

Kroger Omnichannel: The Board Game

Infographic from 84.51° illustrates grocer’s omnichannel journal in board game

Kroger’s data analytics firm 84.51° has released an infographic that explains its omnichannel strategy in the form of a board game that it calls Omnichannel Land. 

“How can CPGs master the strategies from clicks to bricks?” the data company asks.

The object of the game is to help grocers better understand the omnichannel journey for shoppers, which it refers to as their “clickstream journey.”

The players are so-called hybrid shoppers, who have purchased items both in-store and online and follow a path of decision-making that can go in a variety of different directions, depending on the buying preferences, according to 84.51°.

“When building their online basket, they seek specific brands in certain categories, are more willing to accept substitutions in others, and tend to pivot in distinct directions after an unsuccessful search,” the data firm explained. 

The game aims to show:

  • Who are hybrid shoppers?
  • When and how do hybrid shoppers build their online baskets?
  • How search terms affect the way brands appear in a shopper’s search journey
  • How shoppers pivot their purchase decisions when an item they search for is not displayed
  • When shoppers are willing vs. not willing to accept product substitutions

The board game graphic is available via the 84.51° website.

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