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SN Independent Superstars

Meet the 2024 SN Independent Superstars

Meet the independent leaders and stores knocking it out of the park in grocery

Welcome to our 2024 “SN Independent Superstars” — our second annual feature highlighting those individuals and concepts excelling at grocery at the independent level.This year we have “The Techie.” “The Unexpected Grocer.” “The Operations Wrangler.” Making critical decisions about which tech stacks to use. Choosing to step into the oversized shoes of those grocers who came before you. Training and developing other store leaders, while recovering from a leukemia diagnosis.These are some of the choices our independents face every day. Some small decisions, some huge. Some, even life changing. So, turn the page and get cozy with the independent grocers who help put food on America’s tables every day.

Click through the photos to see this year’s superstars

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