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Michigan AG charges 22-year-old with theft of Meijer mPerks data

The cyber breach targeted login credentials of people using the Meijer mPerks loyalty program

The Michigan attorney general has charged a 22-year-old with nine felony counts connected to the targeting of Meijer Corporation’s mPerks program and its data.

In a press conference Thursday, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel said her office charged Nicholas Mui of Grand Haven, Mich., with one count of conducting a criminal enterprise, one count of using a computer to commit a felony, and seven counts of identity theft.

Mui had been using his personal computer to steal login credentials of those using the Meijer mPerks program, the AG said Thursday. She added that the issue had been going on at least since April 2023, when customers began complaining that their points in the mPerks program were disappearing.

The Michigan AG’s office found more than 300 members who had their data compromised. Nessel added that all affected Meijer mPerks customers have had their points reimbursed.

A search of Mui’s home uncovered some $20,000 in cash and more than $460,000 in digital warrants along with other evidence, Nessel said.

Meijer first launched its mPerks loyalty program in 2010, and the company expanded the program last year in January 2023. 




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