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Supermarket News podcasts

The Retail Daily podcast

Produced in cooperation with editors from CSP Daily News, the Retail Daily features the day’s top headlines from the grocery and c-store industries

Welcome to the Retail Daily podcast — a quick rundown of the top headlines in the grocery and c-store industries, produced every Monday through Friday by editors of Supermarket News, along with our colleagues at CSP Daily News.   

Retail Daily is hosted by SN Editor Timothy Inklebarger and CSP Senior Editor Hannah Hammond, with stories reported by editors from both trade publications.  

A link to a new Retail Daily podcast episode will appear in each Supermarket News daily newsletter. Listeners can also subscribe to Retail Daily via Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and other podcast platforms.  

Interested in reading more about the topics you hear on the Retail Daily podcast? Head to Supermarket News or CSP Daily News for the full stories. 

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