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SN Top 10: Kroger, Walmart, Instacart top the Week’s headlines

In this week’s recap of the Top 10 most popular Supermarket News articles, the top story was Colorado sues to block Kroger, Albertsons merger. Colorado Attorney General Phil Weiser announced that the state is suing to block the $24.6 billion Kroger Albertsons megamerger. The AG’s office released a statement noting that Kroger and Albertsons are the two largest grocers in the state and operate more than 250 locations combined — Kroger with 148 King Soopers and City Market stores and Albertsons with 105 Safeway and Albertsons stores. 

Other top stories:

  • Target, Walmart support California measure that would crack down on retail thefts
  • Kentucky sues Kroger for alleged unsafe opioid prescriptions
  • Instacart cuts 250 jobs, COO departs
  • 5 things: Turning candle-makers into pharmacists?

In other news, Kroger continued efforts to advance its proposed $24.6 billion merger with Albertsons Cos. this week by promoting its track record for lowering prices following past mergers with other grocers. The grocer has argued since 2022 that the megamerger would enable the combined companies to cut prices and better compete with rivals like Amazon and Walmart. 

More top stories: 

  • Some grocers are capitalizing on shrinkflation, but one business is fighting against it
  • DoorDash stock drops with release of Q4 earnings
  • Is Wegmans planning a 2nd Manhattan location?
  • Trader Joe’s files an appeal over logo use
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