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Bazar store.jpg Tulsa World

Tulsa food desert to get ‘micro’ grocery store

BAZAR will feature technology that enables self-service checkout

Tulsa, Okla., is fighting food insecurity with a new “micro grocery store” with funds from the city, according to a story in the Tulsa World.

The BAZAR store project, spearheaded by the Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry, recently broke ground in the Dawson neighborhood of north Tulsa, which is a known food desert, according to the report. 

The city of Tulsa contributed $220,000 in American Rescue Plan Act funds to the creation of the store.

Aliye Shimi, executive director of the Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry, told the Tulsa World that food insecurity is a big issue for many residents of the city. 

She said that the store will partner with local food providers and offer daily meals to children in the area. 

Organizers said the location will also serve as a community gathering space, offering resources and programming for residents. 

The store will also have a tech component, featuring self-service that precludes cashiers.

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