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Internally branded as Beauty Reinvention, the new layout brings simpler, easy-to-navigate beauty and personal care aisles.

In the name of beauty, Dollar General adds product line

Value retailer unveils beauty category to about 300 stores nationwide

Dollar General is putting out new store layouts involving beauty, skin and hair care shopping options. Branded as "Beauty Reinvention," the new category brings simpler, easy-to-navigate beauty and personal care aisles to approximately 300 stores this fiscal year.

“We have been purposeful in our expansion, balancing new, fresh and trendy items with value,” said Amanda Wilson, senior beauty buyer at Dollar General. “Beauty Reinvention creates a beauty destination at Dollar General.”

Dollar General’s first Beauty Reinvention stores launched in February and include beauty bars to give customers a different experience with face masks, hair treatments, nail polish, lip gloss, bath bombs and more. Other format enhancements include increasing the skincare section by 50% and soap and shower offerings by 30%, an expanded and cohesive hair care and color section that includes new textured hair products, and an overall increase in square footage dedicated to the beauty category.

To reinforce the retailer’s dedication to bringing customers clean beauty, skin and hair care products that are accessible, affordable and on-trend, Dollar General also has announced three new skin and hair product lines rolling onto shelves nationwide starting this month, including Joy Works, Curl Rhythm and yes! honey. Dollar General’s Believe Beauty Skin, which debuted in 2021, has added three new products including a detoxifying clay mask, reviving eye cream, and a vitamin C brightening serum. 

In addition to the exclusive products, Wilson said more than 1,000 supplementary beauty items will be added to the "Beauty Reinvention" stores in 2023.


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