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Walgreens now accepting online use of Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits

Those who are eligible can now use benefits to purchase approximately 1,700 items digitally

Walgreens Boots Alliance has announced a plan to accept a number of Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits online, via and the Walgreens app. 

Eligible members can now use benefits to purchase approximately 1,700 items digitally. Consumers have been able to shop in-store using their Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits since 2019.

Who is eligible?

Walgreens accepts Medicare Advantage supplemental benefits online from numerous well-known providers. Customers may check eligibility by visiting their Medicare Advantage plan website. Customers may also call the number on the back of their Medicare Advantage card to determine if their supplemental benefits are eligible online through Walgreens.

Members can browse eligible products as per their plan on and Walgreens app via the retailer’s OTC landing page. Members will see a list of eligible items associated with their plan along with common eligible OTC items across multiple plans.

Eligible OTC products are paid for using available card funds. Members will need to use another form of payment for items outside of their OTC supplemental benefits.

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