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GMDC/Nielsen GM Hierarchy available

Members of the Global Market Development Center now have full access to the GM Hierarchy available on the myGMDC website.

The GMDC/Nielsen GM Hierarchy was created by GMDC and Nielsen as a tool that tracks and creates visibility to sales information, by product, in general merchandise categories. GMDC is a trade association serving general merchandise and health and beauty care retailers, wholesalers and suppliers.


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The GM Hierarchy organizes and quantifies general merchandise category data in order to increase marketplace performance and provide better understanding of these categories. It includes 18 major categories identified and defined as ‘Level 1,’ including apparel, baby, candy, and electronics and personal entertainment. Each ‘Level 1’ category is then divided further down the scale based on its level of detail.

“This will be the most valuable resource and useful tool to organize our GM and HBW aisles than we’ve ever had before,” Bill Anderson, H-E-B’s group VP of drugstore, beauty, general merchandise, floral and services, said in a statement.

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Throughout the course of the project, more than 800 syndicated reports were built and Nielsen coded over 20 million UPCs, making it possible to consistently follow all general merchandise products in the grocery channel.

“The intent of the study is to advocate for general merchandise by presenting the facts related to GM, the interpretation of those facts, and key insights that will allow both retailers and suppliers to take full advantage of the enhanced contribution margin and consumer loyalty associated with executing a comprehensive GM program,” Tom Duffy, Nielsen’s VP of industry services, consumer group, said in a statement.

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