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Green Hills Pilots Personalized Gift Card Kiosk

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — Green Hills, a one-store independent here, is piloting a new self-service kiosk that enables shoppers to design, print and purchase personalized gift cards, and obtain loyalty program cards, without merchant personnel assistance, Pay By Touch, San Francisco, announced yesterday. Pay By Touch is also announcing the immediate availability of the kiosk. The Internet-enabled retail kiosk lets shoppers create customized store-branded and third-party gift cards with personalized “to” and “from” names and single or multiple design full-color graphics, said Pay By Touch. The kiosk “is a hit with Green Hills’ shoppers,” said Gary Hawkins, owner of Green Hills and chief executive officer of Hawkins Strategic, in a statement. “We love the convenience, and shoppers enjoy being able to add a friend’s name as well as their own to each gift card. It brings warmth and personality back into the process.”

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