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Tide Pods leads the list with 3246 million in firstyear multioutlet dollar sales
<p>Tide Pods leads the list with $324.6 million in first-year, multioutlet dollar sales.</p>

IRI: Tide Pods top highest revenue nonfood launches

For the first time, three home-care products — Tide Pods, Ajax Triple Action and Downy Infusions — made it onto IRI’s Top 10 list of the most successful nonfood product launches.

Tide Pods was No. 1 with $324.6 million in first-year, multioutlet dollar sales, according to IRI’s 2013 “New Product Pacesetters" list.

Average year-one dollar sales for the top 100 nonfood brands were $34 million.

Earning $2 billion in aggregate year-one launch sales, 48 out of the top 100, non-food Pacesetters deliver some type of wellness offering.

“Interest in health and wellness is everywhere, from food and beverages to beauty care and home care,” Susan Viamari, IRI’s Thought Leadership editor, told SN.

2013 New Product Pacesetters: Top 10 Non-Food Brands (Total Year-One Dollar Sales, Multi-Outlet)

1. Tide Pods $324.6 million

2. L’Oréal Advanced Haircare $141.8 million

3. ZzzQuil $121.1 million

4. Vidal Sassoon Pro Series $96.0 million 


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5. Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy $92.7 million 

6. Downy Infusions $90.2 million 

7. Ajax Triple Action $84.2 million 

8. Always/Tampax Radiant $83.0 million 

9. Secret Outlast $82.4 million 

10. Puffs Basic $74.5 million 

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