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Wegmans debuts laundry, dishwasher packs

Wegmans Food Markets has added single-dose laundry detergent and dishwashing packs to its store brand lineup. 

"They offer considerable savings over the national brands, and with careful attention to make the package and the little pacs safer and more sustainable," explained Wegmans VP of consumer affairs Mary Ellen Burris in a blog post.  

The dissolvable laundry packs contain dark bluish-green liquid so children do not mistake them for candy.


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In 2012, P&G adjusted the packaging of its Tide Pods in response to calls from poison control centers after children ingested the colorful pods thinking they were candy. 

Wegmans' pods are packaged in a flexible gusseted bag which makes efficient use of shelf space.

"Wegmans orders one item [from the manufacturer] that can be put on the shelf as a 'Family Pack' with 93 pacs or separated and sold as three separate bags with 31 pacs in each," Burris explained. "Less packaging overall, more efficient for the producer, and less space in a distribution center, store backroom or at home." 

The dishwasher pods are sold in a flexible bag with a zip-open strip in 20-, 60- and 105-count packages. 

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