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DoorDash-online grocery delivery-Dasher_0.jpg DoorDash
DoubleDash allows DoorDash customers to add items from nearby stores to their original restaurant order for no additional delivery fee or order minimum.

DoorDash delivery can now include products from multiple stores

New DoubleDash service teams with select retailers to add items from nearby stores to customers’ orders

Last-mile online food delivery service DoorDash is expanding its service menu with the addition of DoubleDash, which allows customers to add their favorite items from nearby stores to their original order for no additional delivery fee or order minimum. Both your orders will arrive together, with the same “Dasher,” or delivery person.

“DoorDash’s vision has always been to deliver all the best of your neighborhood right to your doorstep, from restaurants to convenience, grocery, retail, pet supplies, and more,” wrote Prithvi Guru, product manager at DoorDash, in a blog post on Thursday.

“We are now excited to take it one step further by allowing you to shop across multiple stores and categories, all in a single order.”

She added, “DoubleDash will be the new way to craft your perfect order on DoorDash — whether it’s adding chips and a drink to your lunch or stocking up on late night snacks like ice cream and candy with your sushi dinner.”

DoubleDash is currently available with 7-Eleven, Walgreens, Wawa, QuickChek, The Ice Cream Shop and DashMart, a DoorDash-exclusive store that offers thousands of convenience and grocery items as well as products from local restaurants. In select markets, DoubleDash is piloting with local restaurants to offer the option of adding complementary items from nearby local restaurants to a customer’s initial meal order. DoubleDash is also being introduced in Canada.

“DoubleDash was designed to further our mission of empowering local economies and creating innovative opportunities for our merchants to grow their businesses,” said Guru. “With DoubleDash, merchants can reach new customers online who are eager to discover and try new offerings that complement their meal.”

Retailers and merchants interested in being featured on DoubleDash can learn more here.

DoubleDash flow 2.png

How DoubleDash works

• Customers place their restaurant order on DoorDash and after checkout, look for the DoubleDash option on the map to add items from nearby stores.

• From the store page, customers can select their favorite drinks, snacks and any other items. They add those to their cart and check out with no additional delivery fees or minimum order size.

• From there, a Dasher receives both orders and will deliver them together.

In early testing, customers have added to their food orders such popular items as Kit Kat bars, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Slurpees and soft drinks, White Claw hard cider and essentials such as batteries, milk, toilet paper, plastic utensils and dog food.

According to a recent study from Edge by Ascential, DoorDash’s expansion into grocery last summer and partnerships with retailers in other categories are expected to grow GMV sales to $48.57 billion by 2025, more than doubling its 2020 sales of $22.34 billion. 

DoubleDash stands to continue to boost DoorDash’s presence in the grocery sector, as the San Francisco-based company has primarily been known for restaurant food delivery. The company recently partnered with supermarket giant Albertsons to provide delivery at nearly 2,000 stores and also works with such retailers as Sam’s Club for prescription delivery and drugstore chains CVS and Walgreens for groceries and non-prescription items.

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