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DoorDash_delivery-retailer_window_sign.jpg DoorDash
DoorDash said it will team up with grocery retailers to make it possible for SNAP purchasing.

DoorDash joins others in offering SNAP options

Online retailer responds to Biden administration’s call for more access to healthy food choices

DoorDash continues to follow the lead of the White House when it comes to making food available for everyone. Last year, the online retailer responded to the Biden administration’s Conference on Hunger, Nutrition and Health. A week ago, the White House Challenge to End Hunger and Build Healthy Communities Kickoff was unveiled, and many have accepted the challenge.

DoorDash said it will team up with grocery retailers to make it possible for SNAP purchasing. Several online food options now come with a SNAP option so more people could make grocery purchases via the computer or smart phone. DoorDash also wants to make healthy food choices a priority for customers with promotions, and it plans on expanding produce availability by joining forces with markets across the U.S.

DoorDash has been working with mayors to come up with ways for localites to leverage DoorDash Community Credits, technology and infrastructure to broaden access for their constituents.

For the past five years the online retailer has helped communities increase food access through food banks, food pantries and other social service organizations.

Earlier this month Instacart announced a special Community Carts campaign and an extension of its Instacart+ membership for SNAP recipients as COVID-19 benefits were set to expire. Instacart also launched a public awareness campaign to help drive donations to food banks in nearly every state where SNAP benefits were expiring.

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