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The pilot, which will run from April through September 2024, provides eligible Dashers in the Keystone State with funds for these important benefits without sacrificing the independence that defines this kind of work. 

DoorDash launches portable health benefits program in Pennsylvania

The pilot program will give eligible Pennsylvania DoorDash workers access to support for expenses related to health insurance, retirement, and paid time off

DoorDash has launched a portable benefits savings program for employees via a six-month pilot in Pennsylvania. Eligible expenses covered under this program will include retirement savings; health, dental, and vision insurance, and paid time off.

The pilot will run from April through September 2024.

According to a statement from DoorDash: “We know that more people than ever are looking to supplement their traditional jobs and responsibilities with opportunities to earn extra income that move them closer to their financial goals. Many people who choose to earn with DoorDash value being able to balance dashing with other responsibilities — in fact, the average Dasher spends less than four hours per week on delivery, and the vast majority of Dashers have other sources of income or responsibilities that already provide them with access to benefits like retirement savings or healthcare.”

Through the portable benefits platform Stride, participants can allocate their portable benefits savings to eligible categories, as well as access information about benefits offerings.

Specifics of this pilot program include: 

  • Pennsylvania DoorDash employees who earn at least $1,000 in the second quarter of the year (excluding tips) through the DoorDash platform will be eligible to open a Stride Save account and receive deposits into their portable benefits savings
  • For the duration of the pilot, participating employees will receive deposits equal to 4% of their pre-tip earnings
  • Participating employees will be able to contribute personal funds as well, and the account and all funds will remain portable with them 
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