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The Giant Company closes ecommerce facility to work with third-party delivery partner

Workers will still assemble orders, but the retailer will turn to another company for the delivery portion

The Giant Company is changing the Giant Direct delivery model, and with it comes the elimination of one of its ecommerce facilities. 

The Carlisle, Pa.-based retailer said its Camp Hill location will no longer be fulfilling grocery orders and instead the company will use a third-party partner. 

The Giant Company employees at the store will still shop and put orders together, but another company will actually handle the delivery portion. 

“The grocery delivery business is always evolving so it’s important our service does, too,” The Giant Company spokesperson Ashley Flower said in an emailed statement to Supermarket News. “We’ve learned over the past few years that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to our ecommerce business, particularly our fulfillment model. Customers need different things from us at different times. This is why we regularly review our portfolio to ensure we are operating as efficiently as possible and are best positioned to meet their needs.”

Flower said the transition will be complete by the end of April, and stressed that ecommerce remains an important segment of the business strategy at The Giant Company, which is owned by Ahold Delhaize, and the key to future omnichannel growth. 

By working with the third party, The Giant Company said delivery times will be quicker and there will be one-hour delivery windows, and shoppers would have two to three hours prior to delivery to make any changes to their order. 

Workers at Camp Hill were offered similar positions at other ecommerce facilities, perishable distribution centers, or stores, and according to The Giant Company 80% had already accepted new work. 

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