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Save_Mart_storefront-closeup_1_1.jpg Save Mart
The Save Mart Companies has long partnered with Instacart to enhance its omnichannel strategy.

Save Mart expands with Instacart

Goal is to create omnichannel experiences

Instacart and The Save Mart Companies today announced their expanded omnichannel partnership featuring several Instacart in-store solutions such as Caper Carts, Instacart's AI-powered smart carts, and FoodStorm, an order management system that powers food service and catering experiences purpose-built for grocery. The Save Mart Companies will also upgrade to Instacart's Storefront Pro, bringing e-commerce capabilities with advanced advertising options to its business. This expanded partnership will improve the shopping experience for customers at nearly all 200 Save Mart, FoodMaxx, and Lucky locations.

The Save Mart Companies has long partnered with Instacart to enhance its omnichannel strategy. Now, with the debut of Instacart's Caper Carts, FoodStorm, and Storefront Pro, the online and in-store shopping experience for customers is further connected. The Save Mart Companies first partnered with Instacart in 2019 to launch same-day delivery across its banners, and are now deploying a number of technologies to digitize its stores and serve its customers:

  • Caper Carts, Instacart's AI-powered smart carts, will roll out at select Save Mart and Lucky stores in the coming months, followed by a broader rollout later this year. Caper Carts transform shopping into a personalized experience by featuring an interactive screen that engages customers, tracks spending for budget management, and incorporates a loyalty program for direct access to coupons and deals, and more. For customers who are building their shopping list within the Save Mart or Instacart App, Caper Carts sync to the feature and check items off the list as they are dropped into the basket. They also offer an advertising opportunity, allowing brands to connect with customers
  • FoodStorm, Instacart's order management system that helps streamline retailers' food service, perimeter offerings, and catering operations, will roll out across Save Mart and Lucky stores. FoodStorm and Caper Cart customers can now place orders for made-to-order items like fried chicken or custom cakes and pies directly on the Caper Cart screen while they shop, and receive a notification once it's ready for pickup
  • By upgrading to Storefront Pro, all three banners within The Save Mart Companies now have access to e-commerce features like customizable homepage and merchandising layouts, self-serve marketing tools, in-depth analytics, a dedicated Instacart support team, and support for third-party integrations such as coupons and loyalty programs. This upgrade also unlocks access to Carrot Ads, allowing Save Mart, FoodMaxx, and Lucky to create their own retail media networks


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