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Brands can now combine the power of Instacart’s robust advertising solutions with Sprouts’ healthy approach to grocery shopping to drive measurable growth for their businesses.

Sprouts partners with Instacart to launch new retail media network

The grocer is leveraging Instacart's 'Carrot Ads' feature

Instacart announced that Sprouts Farmers Market is leveraging Carrot Ads – part of the Instacart Platform – to power its new retail media network. Carrot Ads helps retailers, like Sprouts, establish and grow their retail media networks on their owned and operated websites and apps. 

Brands can now combine Instacart’s advertising solutions with Sprouts’ healthy approach to grocery shopping to drive measurable growth for their businesses. In addition to allowing brands to increase the reach of their Instacart Ads campaigns to include the Sprouts ecommerce experience, brand partners can target specific ad campaigns to consumers solely on the Sprouts’ ecommerce experience leveraging Instacart Ads technology. 

“At Sprouts, we are committed to serving our health-enthusiast customers, and are excited to offer new ways to connect them with our innovative and distinctive brand partners,” said Nick Konat, president and Chief Operating Officer of Sprouts Farmers Market. “By leveraging Instacart’s ad technology, we are enabling this connection – and giving our brand partners even more ways to grow with us and our customers.”

Instacart and Sprouts are giving brands a new opportunity by: 

  • Enabling ad targeting on retailer’s owned and operated sites: Advertisers can now target and optimize dedicated online campaigns specifically on the Sprouts ecommerce experience, powered by Carrot Ads. Brand partners also will have access to metrics, such as attributed sales and return on ad spend (ROAS), from their Sprouts campaigns, equipping them with an overall view of campaign performance
  • Maximizing reach and exposure: Brands automatically benefit by increasing the reach of their Instacart Ads campaigns to include Sprouts ecommerce experience, maximizing exposure and engaging relevant audiences shopping for their products. Instacart simplifies the operational complexity of managing campaigns across multiple Carrot Ads retailers by utilizing existing creative, targeting and measurement tools
  • New opportunities for emerging brands: With Carrot Ads, emerging brands can invest in the consumers shopping Sprouts, helping grow awareness and inspiring trial as they browse online. 

Sprouts and Instacart, based in San Francisco, have partnered since 2018 when they launched same-day delivery across the Instacart App. The companies have since launched curbside pickup at nearly all stores, EBT SNAP payments, virtual convenience and alcohol delivery and pickup in select states. The Sprouts website – – and app are powered by the Instacart Platform. The Instacart Platform brings together the technologies retailers need to improve the consumer experience online or in-store and digitize the end-to-end grocery operation through five key pillars: e-commerce, fulfillment, in-store, ads and insights. 

Sprouts Farmers Market is headquartered in Phoenix and operates 380 stores in 23 states. 


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