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Walmart further expanding InHome Delivery

In addition to Philadelphia, the service will now be available in Boston, Detroit, Minneapolis, and San Bernardino

Walmart is further expanding its InHome delivery service, adding locations in Philadelphia, Boston, Detroit, Minneapolis, and San Bernardino.

InHome is Walmart’s paid service that allows workers to deliver groceries into customers’ homes. In a press release, the retailer said it expects the service to reach an additional 10 million U.S. households.

Walmart first launched InHome Delivery in 2019 and additionally made the service an add-on option to loyalty program, Walmart+, in 2022.

In January, Walmart and Microsoft teamed up for a keynote session on Generative AI at the Consumer Electronics Show and talked about soon-to-come upgrades to the Inhome Delivery, including automated replenishment. A launch date for the automated replenishment functionality has yet to be announced.




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