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Schnucks Opens Stand-Alone Pharmacy

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. — Schnuck Markets opened its first stand-alone specialty pharmacy within St. John’s Hospital here earlier this month.

The pharmacy replaces the specialty location in the nearby Montvale store and will serve patients with chronic diseases such as HIV, autoimmune disorders and cancer.

“Often the medications that treat these conditions are expensive, require special storage conditions and need prior approval from insurance providers,” Schnucks pharmacy supervisor David Chism said in a statement.

Though the 2,000-square-foot pharmacy will be open to the public, the in-hospital location will make it easier for hospital patients to get their medications.

“The pharmacy, and room delivery service, will make the patient experience easier and more convenient,” said Ginger Ertel, St. John’s director of pharmacy. “Patients will have the option of leaving the hospital and going straight home without stopping to get prescriptions filled. In addition, patients who do not have prescription coverage and qualify for 340B pricing will be able to receive their prescription at a reduced cost.”

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