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Gallery: A Tour of PSK/Foodtown’s Loyalty Program

MT. VERNON, N.Y. — PSK Supermarkets here, which operates nine Foodtown and three Freshtown stores located within, and just to the north, of the New York metropolitan area, has one of the more active loyalty marketing program in the industry, with more than 90% of its business processed through the card.

The program offers shoppers the opportunity to accumulate S&H — 10 points per dollar spent — which they can trade in for discounts on store products, often resulting in free items. Alternatively, shoppers can exchange their points for a variety of gift cards offered through the ProLogic Consumer Marketing Services division, Delray Beach, Fla. (formerly S&H Greenpoints, acquired by ProLogic last year), which manages the loyalty program.

PSK also targets its shoppers, particularly high spenders, with personalized offers delivered via several delivery mechanisms, including the checkout, email and traditional mail. Shoppers can print out the email offers, which are scanned at the checkout, or, increasingly, show them to cashiers on their smartphones.

The following photos show the various aspects of PSK’s loyalty program.

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