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Alltown’s c-store spinoff has a focus on healthy and fresh

Alltown Fresh is a healthy spinoff of Alltown, Global Partners’ traditional fuel and convenience store with nearly 300 locations. While Alltown Fresh has just a handful of stores open in New England today, it has the potential to outnumber others competing in the better-for-you convenience store space.

The Alltown Fresh experience is a “heightened” one compared to traditional convenience stores, said Alltown Fresh’s SVP of retail operations Ryan Riggs. There is fuel and basic provisions, but there’s a lot more, too. Through a combination of packaged goods, a mini fresh food market and an extensive foodservice area, Alltown Fresh focuses on specific segments of the population. 

“Our target is the technology-savvy health-conscious Millennial,” he said. “That generation is a little less stigmatized [regarding] shopping for foodservice where they purchase fuel, relative to other generations. Trends tell us they’re more focused on being health-conscious, certainly. And then I would say the other target is really families.”

But ultimately, while most convenience outlets are fuel-centric, “we want to be known as a food and beverage destination,” he said.

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