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Here’s 4 plant-based foods you’ll want in your store

The category may be down, but it’s not out for the count

The once widespread interest in plant-based meats is rapidly contracting. More and more shoppers are becoming disenchanted with the products due to concerns about health, taste, and prices, which are often several dollars per pound higher than for equivalent animal-based meats, analysts say.

Volume sales for meat alternatives was down 19.6% for the 52 weeks ending May 21, 2023, with an average price per pound of $8.35, up 2.1% from the year-earlier period, reports Circana, a Chicago-based market research firm. Volume sales for frozen meat alternatives declined 7.5% at an average price of $7.69 a pound, a 10% increase over the year before.

Check out some of the plant-based offerings we spotted this month.

Click through the slides to see the products.

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