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10 retailers that ramped up private label in 2020

Retailers continue to find gold in private brands, a category that was growing even before the pandemic and has taken off even more since.

Private brands are no longer viewed as just low-cost alternatives at shelf, noted Aimee Becker, senior vice president strategic advisory at Daymon, during a recent SN Off the Shelf podcast. And that change in attitude toward private label has placed the category in an even greater position of strength during the pandemic.

“I think we’ve really shifted consumer attitudes away from this idea of generics or just a price play at shelf to really being true consumer brands,” Becker said. “This shift really started with retailers focusing on improving quality, and today we see that 86% of shoppers consider private brand quality to be equal to or better than the national brand.”

Here are 10 retailers who have introduced or expanded their private label offerings in 2020.

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