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Signature SELECT is already the largest brand in the company’s Own Brands portfolio boasting over 8,000 products including packaged salads, ice cream, frozen pizza, coffee, paper goods, pasta, snacks, canned vegetables and fruit as well as ground beef, pork and chicken.

Albertsons consolidates private label brands under Signature Select

The grocer has launched a new creative campaign, logo, and packaging

Albertsons Companies will rebrand its Signature Farms, Signature Care and Signature Cafe products under one master brand, Signature Select, which will have a new logo, packaging, and marketing campaign. The transition is currently underway across stores including Albertsons, Safeway, Vons, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s and more, and is expected to be complete in early 2024.

Signature Select is already the largest brand in the company’s own brands portfolio, with over 8,000 products including packaged salads, ice cream, frozen pizza, coffee, paper goods, pasta, snacks, canned vegetables and fruit, in addition to ground beef, pork, and chicken.

Following the consolidation of Signature Farms’ fresh poultry and produce, Signature Cafe’s deli items and Signature Care’s line of personal and baby products, the master brand will feature the modern Signature Select logo with a unified package design across its broad assortment of product categories so shoppers can easily identify the brand throughout the store. 

The Signature family of brands was introduced to the Albertsons portfolio of stores in 2016 following the merger of Albertsons and Safeway. However, the ‘S’ branding dates back as far as the 1960s when Safeway sold products under the ‘S’ brand including milk, bread, ice cream, coffee, jellies, soft drinks, lunch meat, canned fruits and vegetables, frozen foods and paper products. The ‘S’ brand remained a key private label for Safeway until 2012 when the company retired its namesake brand and merged its products under the Safeway Kitchens, Safeway Farms, Safeway Home and Safeway Care brands, which ultimately became the Signature family of brands.

The Signature Select consolidation and rebranding follows recent updates to the company’s own brands portfolio including the evolution of the O Organics brand and redesign of its Open Nature brand. These brand innovations are supported by a recent survey commissioned by Albertsons indicating that consumer demand for private labels continues to grow, with 93% of Americans embracing and expanding their purchases of store brands. Respondents cited price, quality, and availability as the main drivers of these purchases with a large number writing in that better taste was a factor when choosing a private label brand.

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