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Fresh by Brookshire's Provides School Lunches

TYLER, Texas — Fresh by Brookshire’s is the new cafeteria supplier at a private school here, serving up 500 fresh meals a day.

Fresh’s executive chef Michael Brady designs healthy breakfasts and lunches for students and staff at All Saints Episcopal School. The goal is for students to eat more fruits and vegetables and to try new foods.

“A big part of what we’re doing here is interacting with the kids and teaching them good eating habits,” Brady said in a statement. “I want them to enjoy food and try things that they might not normally try. We also teach that it’s okay if you don’t like it, but you’ll never know until you try it.”

All Saints chose Fresh over several other vendors to run its cafeteria operations starting this school year.

All meals are prepared on-site. Fresh prepares breakfast tacos in the morning and offers a choice of hot lunch, a “comfort” meal or something from the salad bar at midday. Older students can opt for yogurt parfaits, premade salads, sandwiches and fresh fruit.

Beverages include milk, Red Diamond tea and Fresh’s fresh-squeezed juices.

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“Every day I’m cooking something different,” Brady said. “Whether it’s broccoli, brussels sprouts or cauliflower, I offer something that’s an absolute ‘no’ to a child. And if they don’t like it, they can spit it out, but they know it’s okay to try it.”

Fresh, which is a concept store by Brookshire Grocery Co., has also started a vegetable garden at the school with help from students and will eventually use the produce in school meals.

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