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Gallery: New Bristol Farms Has 'More in Store'

SANTA MONICA, Calif. — The newest Bristol Farms store here, which opened Wednesday, Aug. 21, has all the fresh and prepared foods of a typical Bristol Farms, plus an expanded grocery offering with “thousands” of new items.

“Bristol Farms, Santa Monica has all the bells and whistles of a regular Bristol Farms with an expanded everyday grocery section that allows for all of your everyday shopping needs — more in store than ever before!” said Kevin Davis, president and chief executive officer of Carson, Calif.-based Bristol Farms.

The store, formerly an Albertsons location that closed last year, features an all-new décor package “that celebrates and highlights the spirit and passion of the Santa Monica community in a fun and exciting manner,” Davis said. “We want to be Santa Monica’s everyday, locally grown, community driven, ultra-fresh food store.”

Captions by Mark Hamstra
Photos courtesy of Bristol Farms

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