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A&P to Outsource Accounting Department

MONTVALE, N.J. — A&P here said Wednesday it would outsource certain accounting functions, reportedly to India.

“As part of an ongoing effort to improve our business operations, we recently completed an assessment of our accounting organization and have decided to outsource certain process-driven functions within that area. The transition of these functions will be substantially completed by the end of February 2013,” Marcy Connor, a spokeswoman for A&P, said in a statement.

The exact number of impacted employees will be determined once the second phase of its analysis is complete, Connor said.

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“While this is a very difficult circumstance for the impacted associates, we are taking various steps to assist them through the transition process. We are committed to the future success of A&P, and we remain focused on providing great value and service to our customers.”

A report in the Record newspaper Wednesday said employees were told A&P had made a deal with Wipro to move its jobs to India.

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