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Harris Teeter Updates Animal Welfare Guidelines

MATTHEWS, N.C. — Harris Teeter embraced a more transparent animal welfare policy, posting current sourcing practices and welfare goals on its website.

The retailer said it plans to entirely source pork from suppliers that don’t use the controversial gestation crates, but did not cite a date when this transition will be finished.

The chain is also asking its milk suppliers to participate in an animal welfare evaluation.

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On top of sourcing a portion of certified humane and Global Animal Partnership-certified poultry products, Harris Teeter noted it sources from some suppliers who use  “Controlled Atmosphere Stunning” or “Controlled Atmosphere Killing” humane slaughtering methods and that it plans to source more meat from suppliers who use these methods. 

As for other animal products, the chain noted that its cage-free egg offering has grown to 17% and that Harris Teeter Rancher Beef is supplied by producers who use the American Meat Institute's animal welfare audit system.

An industry-wide animal welfare program may be in the works.

“Harris Teeter is currently and will continue to work closely with the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the National Council of Chain Restaurants (NCCR) to develop an industry-wide program that will strengthen food quality and safety,” the company wrote.

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