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Leevers Purchases Wally’s Store From Nash Finch

MINNEAPOLIS — Distributor Nash Finch here said it has sold a corporately owned Wally’s Supermarket in Devils Lake, N.D., to one of its independent customers, Leevers Foods.

Leevers, also based in Devils Lake, is a 70-year-old company with six other North Dakota stores serviced by Nash Finch.

“We are passionate at Nash Finch about serving family-owned businesses like Leevers and actively look for opportunities to assist our customers in growing their business and securing their futures," Alec C. Covington, president and chief executive officer of Nash Finch, said in a statement. "At times, helping a customer grow may mean transitioning one of our corporate-owned stores to an independent owner. Here, we concluded that the best way to serve the consumers in Devils Lake was to partner with the Leevers, the local experts who live and work in Devils Lake, and have a proven track record of outstanding service and dedication to their customers and their communities.”

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